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Stayed tuned for the 2015 THIRD THURSDAY schedule!


We’re taking a break in December to focus on the holiday season. Stay tuned for upcoming information regarding our 2015 schedule! It’s going  to be a great time of learning together in the coming year!

When? The 3rd Thursday of each month 3pm-4pm (Eastern Time)

Where? Pull up a seat in your most comfortable chair! Materials will be sent ahead of time for this teleconference!

What? Stay Tuned!

Volunteer — Your Organization Needs You!

partnersimages2The Vocational Evaluation and Career Assessment Professionals is a not-for-profit organization. Volunteers   help our members in their professional development and in their work with people to match them with training, careers, and employment. You can help VECAP and its members via your home and work computer!

VECAP welcomes people from all walks and stages of life as volunteers, and we hope our opportunities give individuals a sense of “giving back” to communities, as well as helping them exercise and develop various skills. Volunteers are asked to take on one to six-month assignments, depending on their availability and the assignment. You can help VECAP with:

Web site development
From converting information into .html, to creating image maps and interactive forms, volunteers can help develop and sustain our Web site presence.

Content Reviewers
We need volunteers to regularly review content for a selected program or subject on our Web site, and occassionally test our beta-test pages and services.

Online Publicity
We need assistance to get the word out about VECAP and its programs. This would include researching outlets, as well as posting to appropriate list serves and newsgroups.

Online Research
We are constantly looking for collaboration opportunities and best practices, as well as information that supports VECAP goals. We need assistance in finding organizations doing related work to ours, and in finding data and statistics that support our work.

Volunteer Coordination
We need a volunteer to help us coordinate, organize and recruit other volunteers for various endeavors.