The National Issues Forum

The 18th National Issues Forum 2019





The National Issues Forum in Vocational Evaluation and Assessment has been the national conference for vocational evaluation and assessment practitioners. Since 1985 this national conference began as a national event sponsored by The Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Association and a variety of other national organizations supporting an interdisciplinary focus. In 2003, VECAP continued sponsoring this national conference. The Issues Forum Proceedings are collections of practitioner and research presentations/ papers that have been delivered at each of these national conferences, spanning the years since 1985. The first Forum was held in Atlanta, GA and subsequent years as follows:

1985 Issues Proceedings – Atlanta, GA
1986 Issues Proceedings – Dallas, TX
1987 Issues Proceedings – Clearwater, FL
1989 Issues Proceedings – St. Louis, MO
1991 Issues Proceedings – Colorado Springs, CO
1993 Issues Proceedings – Virginia Beach, VA
1995 Issues Proceedings – Louisville, KY
1997 Issues Proceedings – Colorado Springs, CO
1999 Issues Proceedings – New Orleans, LA
2001 Issues Proceedings – Albuquerque, NM
2003 Issues Proceedings – Charleston, SC
2005 Issues Proceedings – Portsmouth, VA
2007 Issues Proceedings – Auburn, AL
2010 Issues Proceedings – Oklahoma City, OK