Vocational Evaluation and Career Assessment Journal

Invitation to Submit

You are invited to submit a manuscript for publication in the Vocational Evaluation and Career Assessment Professionals Journal (Journal), which is an official publication of VECAP. The purpose of the Journal is to advance knowledge and practices in the fields of vocational evaluation, career assessment, and work adjustment.

The editors of this refereed publication seek quality manuscripts for review and possible inclusion in forthcoming issues. The Journal has three target audiences: practitioners and other professionals, educators, and consumers. The Journal provides readers with critical information to inform their practice in assessment or evaluation and therapeutic adjustment services; all with a vocational perspective.

Practitioners, educators, researchers and consumers may submit a manuscript for review. You do not have to be a member of VECAP to submit.


The Journal seeks the following types of manuscripts:

  • Research (quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods) into the development, use, and application of the tools used by evaluators, evidence based practices or outcomes of service provision, or other research to practice applications that advance the field (2,500-4,500 words plus references);
  • Theoretical or conceptual papers that contribute to theory development, foundations of vocational evaluation or career assessment, methods of theory building, meta-analysis, or integrative literature reviews (2,500-4,500 words plus references);
  • Perspectives on vocational evaluation or career assessment that may include essays, white papers, or interviews with individuals who have influenced practice (800-1400 words);
  • Reviews of books, tests, work samples or work sample systems, computer assisted tests, or other related topics of interest to the readers (800-1400 words, no abstract);
  • Brief reports describing interesting new ideas or innovations in vocational evaluation or career assessment, works in progress, or concise reports of small pilot research studies that are not sufficiently developed to be published as research articles (800-1400 words); or
  • Letters to the Editor are also welcome (250-500 words).

Submission & Review Process

  1. Read the Submission Guidelines to insure a smooth process for you and the review team.
  2. Use the Manuscript Submission Review Form to determine if the manuscript is ready for submission.
  3. Submit the manuscript to Journal@VECAP.org
  4. Receive a confirmation email (within 1-2 working days) with manuscript review number.
  5. Manuscript is blind reviewed by the Editorial Board or invited reviewers who have expertise in a specific topic (typically requires 6-8 weeks).
  6. Receive status email with one of the following conditions: accepted, accepted with revisions, or rejected.

Submission Guidelines

Each manuscript must be prepared according to the current edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. The author is responsible for obtaining written permission and paying fees for materials (e.g., tables, charts, art work) from other source(s) that are included in the manuscript. All submitted manuscripts must not be published in or submitted for publication to another periodical. By submitting the manuscript, the author(s) agree that the copyright for the article is transferred to the publisher if and when the article is accepted for publication. The copyright covers the exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the article without permission in writing from the author(s). Rights to reproduce and distribute include reprints, photographic reproduction, microform, electronic, and any other means. Permission to use or distribute articles should be requested from the Editor.

The following guidelines are based on the APA and should be followed. Note that the information in the cover sheet, author’s bios, and keywords are unique to the VECAP Journal.

Before submitting your manuscript: complete the Checklist for Manuscript Submission (pp. 241-243 in the Sixth Edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association published in 2009).


  • Manuscripts must be double-spaced in Times New Roman (12 point), formatted for a standard 8.5 x 11 portrait orientation with a 1-inch margin on all sides.

Cover Page

  • Single page that includes the running head, manuscript title, author‘s name(s), credentials, organizational affiliation and contact information (e.g. mailing address, daytime phone number and email), and author note. Please note that the author‘s name(s) and any other identifying information should not appear on subsequent manuscript pages.

Author Bios

  • Single page that contains the author‘s name(s), credentials, and short (100 words) biographical information that will appear in the Journal if the article is published.


  • Single page that includes a 150-250 word abstract with 3-5 keywords following the abstract.


  • Number all pages in the upper right corner and include the running head.
  • Narrative begins on the fourth page with the title of the manuscript at the top of the page.
  • Paragraphs are longer than a sentence and shorter than a page.
  • Headings are used to guide the reader through the manuscript. Note: the review process is facilitated if the author uses the Style Gallery in MS Word.
  • Abbreviations are explained.
  • References are cited in the text and included in the references section.
  • Tables must be in MS Word Tables format. Tables should be numbered with Arabic numerals and titled at the top.
  • Figures should be numbered with Arabic numerals and titled at the bottom.


Manuscripts must be submitted electronically in MS Word to Journal@VECAP.org

Name the document with the running head and the primary author’s last name (for example, Running Head_Smith).

In the subject line of the email put submission: running head and the primary author’s last name (for example, Submission: Running Head_Smith).

Do not zip files.

Once your manuscript is received, it will be assigned a number. After the number is assigned, all email correspondence must contain the manuscript number in the subject line and other information to identify the purpose of the email, for example “MS 110 resubmission.” Most of your email correspondence will come through Journal@VECAP.org

For information on the status of your manuscript contact or other concerns, contact the editors at Journal@VECAP.org or directly:

Steven Sligar, co-editor, sligars@ecu.edu