Statement in Support of Your Important Work

Dear Vocational Evaluation and Career Assessment Colleagues and Partners,

We have just experienced a momentous election, one which revealed and exacerbated deep divisions and passions among people in our country.

One of our core competencies is to demonstrate sensitivity, receptivity, and competence to accommodate and fairly evaluate persons from diverse cultural backgrounds. As human service professionals, we urge our members and partners to examine and affirm their closely held beliefs and values, while continuing to assist and offer best practice to our students, clients, and colleagues.

In agreement with other human service providers, we encourage Vocational Evaluators and Career Assessment Professionals to ensure the best information, best skills and best spirit is maintained as we go about our daily work and lives. There are many who will need our support and compassion, and the assurance they are supported, valued, and respected as worthwhile humans.

We are committed to our profession for many reasons. A core tenet of our work is we visualize a person’s positive potential, working to overcome obstacles and attitudes which hinder turning that potential to reality, and at heart – striving to do good while avoiding to cause harm.

Let us re-commit ourselves to focusing on positive encouragement, respect, and mutual cooperation to support our clients and one another.

Catherine Burzio, MA, PVE and Samuel Castiglione, D.Ed., PVE
President, VECAP                           President-Elect, VECAP