Dr. Amos Sales – In Memory

The VECAP community shares in mourning the loss of Dr. Amos Sales.

From Philip R. Johnson, PhD, CRC

In Loving Memory Of Dr. Amos Sales

Amos Sales, dedicated educator and scholar, former Director of the University of Arizona Rehabilitation Counseling Program, and a Past-President of the National Council on Rehabilitation Education passed away unexpectedly on June 25, 2016.

Dr. Sales became Director of the Rehabilitation Program at the University of Arizona in the early 1970s and held that position until his retirement in 2012. During Dr. Sales’s lengthy career, he received over 30 citations, certificates, and awards. He was also a Past-President of the NRA, in addition to being a Past-President of the NCRE. Dr. Sales received the National Council on Rehabilitation Education’s Distinguished Career Award (1998), the Department of Education’s RSA Commissioner’s Award for distinguished achievement and distinction in rehabilitation education (2000), and the American Counseling Association’s Ralph Berdie Research Award (2002).

Dr. Sales was highly respected and admired by many of the students who were fortunate enough to work with him. A former doctoral student who had studied with Dr. Sales named one of his sons Amos in honor of him. I have heard from several former students who contacted me to express their feelings about Dr. Sales. I would like to share a few of their comments:

“He was an incredibly earnest, genuine, funny and brilliant fellow. This is very sad indeed!”
“Dr. Sales was such a great supervisor and advocate.”
“Dr. Sales was a leading figure at the University of Arizona and in our profession.”
“He was a consummate professional and will be greatly missed.”

Liz Piña-Figueroa, our program coordinator, who had worked closely with Dr. Sales, shared the following with me: “He was indeed a great man, gentleman, friend, crazy about his wife and family – he was proud of his grandkids. As a boss he was the best! Always looking for ways to motivate his admins, he was always very grateful.”

During the past couple of years, I was fortunate to have been able to spend some time with Dr. Sales on a fairly regular basis. I really enjoyed getting together with Dr. Sales, especially when I could get him to talk about some of his experiences in rehab and to share some of his feelings about the current state of our profession. At times, he would apologize for dominating the conversation. It never bothered me; I loved it. Dr. Sales was rehab to the core. We’ve lost one of our greats.

Thank you,
Philip R. Johnson

Philip R. Johnson, PhD, CRC
Assistant Professor of Practice
Coordinator, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling Specialization
Counseling Program
Department of Disability