Promoting College and Career Readiness Through Accountability Under ESSA

The Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA) presents states with an opportunity to broaden their visions of college and career readiness by including multiple measures of accountability that better recognize the multiple pathways to college and career readiness. This comprehensive resource provides states with the tools to recognize and correct gaps between ESSA and state policies and systems that support standards, assessments, accountability determinations, school improvement and public reporting.  For each provision, it also provides resources that support the alignment of state systems with college and career readiness efforts.

Please click on this link to see the full tool and resources: State Planning Tool and Resources (College and Career Readiness and Success Center)

GAO report on Youth with Autism

In the recently released GAO report on Youth with Autism: Roundtable Views of Services Needed During the Transition into Adulthood, the need for Vocational Assessment was noted.

Panelists identified several services and supports which may address the needs of transitioning youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders; including Vocational/career assessments, vocational/career training, and assistance with job searches or interviewing skills. Vocational Assessments would aid in identifying the specific supports a youth needs, based on their individual autism characteristics, skills, strengths, and preferences.

To see the full report, click HERE.