Work Samples

The Work Samples, Manuals and Interest Sheets provided are for Members Only access. Please feel free to tailor each document to meet your specific needs, but be sure to give appropriate credit.

Arc Welding Manual

Auto Service Manual

Autobody (Collision Repair) Interest Check Sheet

Autobody Manual

Bricklayer Manual


CAD Interest Check Sheet

CAD Student Manual

Cake Decorating

Cake Decorating Manual

Cake Interest Check Sheet

Carpenter Manual

Cashier Checker Student Manual

Cashier Manual08

Cashier Worksheet

Collision Repair (TOR)

Cosmetology Interest

Custodial (TOR)

Custodial Housekeeing Interest Check Sheet

Custodial Manual

Data Entry Interest

Data Entry Student Manual

Dental Assistant Manual


Electronic MDC work sample manual 2007

Electronic Technician (TOR)

Employment Support Network (added 10/27/14)

Food Service (Soft Pretzel) Task Observation Scoring Form

Food Service Interest Check Sheet

Food Service Soft Pretzel Manual

Food Service Soft Pretzel

Icing Recipe

Interior Design

Job Knowledge (added 10/27/14)

Map and Travel Questionnaire (added 10/27/14)

Masonry (TOR)


Pet Kennel Assistant Vet Assistant Questionnaire (added 10/27/14)

PC Repair Technician Manual

Plumber Check Sheet

Plumber Task Observation and Scoring Form

Teacher Manual

Time (added 10/27/14)

Tune Up Mechanic (TOR)

Tune Up Mechanic Evaluator Manual

Tune Up Mechanic

tuneupmanual08 (2)

Veterinary Assistant (TOR)

Veterinary Assistant Interest Check Sheet

Veterinary Assistant

Web Page Interest Check Sheet

Web Page Task Observation and Score Sheet

Web Page

Word Processing Interest Check Sheet

Word Processing Student Manual