Professional Certification

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Professional certification in the field of vocational evaluation acknowledges that an individual has the education, skills, and training experience to provide appropriate vocational evaluation and career assessment services. Individuals who have obtained either a Certified Vocational Evaluation Specialist (CVE) designation or are members of the Professional Vocational Evaluation Registry (PVE) have met these professional standards and satisfied such through review by an authorized body of experts.

National certification in vocational evaluation has previously been authorized through the Commission on Certification of Work Adjustment and Vocational Evaluation Specialists. Those currently holding the national designation of Certified Vocational Evaluation Specialist (CVE) maintain those credentials through the National Commission on Rehabilitation Certification at CCWAVES

Logo_PVE-309x250Individuals seeking new national credentials in vocational evaluation can obtain this through the Registry of Professional Vocational Evaluators, Inc at

8 thoughts on “Professional Certification

  1. Hello,

    I’d like to be credentialed, (CVE, CRCC etc…), what are the requirements? I have a Masters Degree in Career Development and Counseling.

    Thank you,
    Lisa Reynolds

  2. I need an evablation for a career change. Appitude, education/training, appropriate job placement. Please provide a referral for an assessment in the north Palm Beach, FL area.

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  4. Thanks, please I’ve my professional vocational training certificate
    It’s grade, 2,1, and empowerment initiative proficiency 11
    But they dont know how to valuate it at Canada World Education Services Office,
    Please help me

  5. Thanks, i am professional in plumbing with grades certificate, like 2, 1, and Empowerment initiative proficiency 11
    But they dont know how to valuate it for me
    That’s Canada World Education Services Office, so can you help me to do it
    Thanks for all

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