Types of Submissions

The Journal seeks the following types of manuscripts:

  • Research (quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods) into the development, use, and application of the tools used by evaluators, evidence based practices or outcomes of service provision, or other research to practice applications that advance the field (2,500-4,500 words plus references);
  • Theoretical or conceptual papers that contribute to theory development, foundations of vocational evaluation or career assessment, methods of theory building, meta-analysis, or integrative literature reviews (2,500-4,500 words plus references);
  • Perspectives on vocational evaluation or career assessment that may include essays, white papers, or interviews with individuals who have influenced practice (800-1400 words);
  • Reviews of books, tests, work samples or work sample systems, computer assisted tests, or other related topics of interest to the readers (800-1400 words, no abstract);
  • Brief reports describing interesting new ideas or innovations in vocational evaluation or career assessment, works in progress, or concise reports of small pilot research studies that are not sufficiently developed to be published as research articles (800-1400 words); or
  • Letters to the Editor are also welcome (250-500 words).